Slack In Miami: The Slackers Performing @ Churchill’s Pub

The Slackers

Okay, so you’re going to the 9 Mile Music Festival for some reggae grooves. Sounds great, but that doesn’t mean you get to rest and recover the next day. Why? Because New York’s party machine, The Slackers, is coming to Churchill’s Pub!

In fact, I’m willing to bet things might get even crazier on Sunday night.

The Slackers have been garnering a loyal following around the world since their first album dropped in 1996. Their brand of roots ska, reggae and rocksteady, or what lead singer Vic Ruggiero calls “Jamaican Rock n Roll,” lights a fire the likes of which few groups are capable of.

No kiddie Less Than Jake ska-punk rehash here. This is like crossing The Skatalites with The Rolling Stones. No joke.

Churchill’s will be packed to capacity, as it is every time they make their annual stop there. Expect to shake your tail-feather and if you throw yourself into the mix, expect some knocking around!

Vic Ruggiero

Folks, I don’t think I can stress how awesome this show’s going to be. An amazing group, stellar grooves, fun people and an intimate atmosphere all points to a perfect end to a Caribbean-flavored weekend.

I’ll leave you with a quote from singer/keyboardist Vic Ruggiero as he attempts to explain The Slackers’ sound for their bio:

“The Slackers are part of an imaginary universe. It wasn’t their fault, well not completely. The caterpillar told them not to eat the mushroom on the right. But they did and for 15 yrs now they’ve had to play Imaginary-Jamaican-Rock-and-Roll, and try to explain that to everyone who passes. One asks,”Are you a reggae band?…where are your dreadlocks then?” Another says,”YOU DONT SOUND LIKE PUNK-ROCK WITH HORNS AT ALL!!” One elderly gent says,”Why it sounds like a lot of music I used to like, but I don’t think any of you boys look addicted to HEROIN!” Doomed to try and explain themselves to a world full of hungry club-promoters, style-police, genre-slaves and the generally confused, they wrote bio upon bio, hoping to snag someone…ANYONE!…who might understand…here is attempt #6,364…”

– Vic Ruggiero, The Slackers

So yeah. Go to this one. Trust me.

-Chris Lazaga


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