Chris’s Picks: May 2011

The month of May has arrived and though it’s not as thick with music as April was (Lord knows April was an endurance test), there’s still plenty of live music to quell the craving.

Zeds Dead

May 6 is a tossup. While Ruben Blades would be a great party, it’s at the Knight Center where you’d be in seats. Not the best way to experience Latin music. It’s also too pricey. Zeds Dead is going to be a real party. I just might go to that, but I’m really tempted to boom out to Boca to catch The Fritz. They bring some serious funk wherever they go and I highly suggest checking them out.

I’ve heard King Bee has some good blues to offer, but I’ve never heard them myself. The Auctioneers have ties to North Mississippi Allstars so if that’s any indication of the music, I’d say we have a winner for May 7.

Oriente on May 8 is a better shot at a Latin dance party. For one thing, at Van Dyke’s you can let loose more than the Knight Center. It’s also guaranteed to be way cheaper.

Creedence Clearwater Revisited

May 11, there’s no question. Go see Creedence Clearwater Revisited and thank me in the morning.

I’ve heard great things about Emancipator, so you’ll probably find me at Tobacco Road on May 13.

May 15 is the real-deal Latin dance party. If you only go to one Latin show this month, go to this one. Cojunto Progresso brings it hard. I’ve seen them multiple times and they always deliver a stellar show brimming with energy and beautiful women.

If you can take the time off, head out to Brookesville for Orange Blossom. It’s a local festie which means it’s smaller and more intimate than Wanee, but it’s still the camping out and pitching a tent deal. While Serotoma Youth Ranch is no Spirit of Suwannee, it should still be a nice place to camp and dig music by The Heavy Pets, Cope, 3rd Stone and many more.

-Chris Lazaga


About clazaga5

I am a music writer. I graduated from FIU's School of Journalism and Mass Communications in April, 2011. I've always had a passion for music. Since high school, I've been involved in a few bands and written a good number of original songs. I loved going to shows and seeing live music. So when the notion struck me to combine the two, it seemed only logical that I write about live music when and wherever I find it. This blog is what came of that notion.
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