Chris’s Picks: June 2011

Alright, so there’s a little more music happening than I may have let on in my article “May, Check. June, Check… Sort Of. July…?” but to be honest, most of it is fluff. The stuff that isn’t marketed garbage (like Winsin Y Yandel and everything reggaeton) is mostly local, with plenty of opportunities to see and hear in the future.

The highlight show of the month is, without a doubt, Primus at The Fillmore Miami Beach.  Primus is simply so strange and so colorful that they’re a must-see. Especially if you’re a bass player (but if you are a bass player, you already know all about Les Claypool). This is also a show where you DO NOT want to miss the opener, The Dead Kenny G’s. They’re a trio led by mad scientist of the saxophone, Skerik.

In other words, if you only get to go out once this month, go out and see Primus.

Other than that, try to catch Black Uhuru at Grand Central on the 15. It’s relatively inexpensive and they rarely come around, so it’s more than worth it.


Want to hit a great rave party? Trust me and go to Borgore at the Fillmore on the 17. The Honeymoon Series has been racking up the numbers since opening with Datsik and continuing with Zeds Dead last month, and it looks like it’s going to keep on trending.

The rest of the month’s good music rests on the shoulders of Miami’s very-capable local musicians. Bands like Cojunto Progreso (6/10 – The Stage, 6/18 – Transit Lounge),Artofficial (6/17 – Transit Lounge, 6/24 – The Stage) andAlbert Castiglia (6/18 – Titanic Restaurant and Brewery) never disappoint.

While seeing Def Leppard and Heart could possibly be fun (if only to drink heavily and sing along to some random songs I’ve picked up from classic rock radio over the years), it’s way too pricey for me to consider it worth the ticket and the drive.

Otherwise, it’s up to you. Personally, I can’t stand pop music, so I went ahead and crossed off Winsin y Yandel, Katy Perry, U2 and Marcos Witt right off my calendar.

Stay tuned for updates, advances and reviews. Enjoy the month of June and please party responsibly.

-Chris Lazaga

About clazaga5

I am a music writer. I graduated from FIU's School of Journalism and Mass Communications in April, 2011. I've always had a passion for music. Since high school, I've been involved in a few bands and written a good number of original songs. I loved going to shows and seeing live music. So when the notion struck me to combine the two, it seemed only logical that I write about live music when and wherever I find it. This blog is what came of that notion.
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