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Closing with a BANG: The Disco Biscuits Close Off Ultra Weekend With A Late Night Concert At Grand Central – Review

3-28-11  *Sorry about the lack of pictures today, folks. In my hurry to the show I forgot to load a card into my camera. Photos from The Disco Biscuits at Ultra will be available soon* By 12:20, the streets of … Continue reading

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Ultra Carryon: Grand Central To Host Official Ultra After-Party Featuring The Disco Biscuits

What started off as a rumor of an unnamed Disco Biscuits side project playing a late-night set after Ultra Music Festival has evolved into a full-blown Disco Biscuits concert at Grand Central. Originally, Def Owl intended to feature Tractorbeam, an … Continue reading

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Punky Reggae Party: Tobacco Road’s 9 Mile Festival After Party With Jahfe

What’s better than tons of reggae at Bayfront Park? Even more reggae, of course! When the lights go back on and the smoke lifts after the 9 Mile Festival, what better way to ride out the high than to take … Continue reading

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After Ultra: Grand Central to Host Disco Biscuits Side Project

Philadelphia jam giant The Disco Biscuits will be performing at Ultra Music Festival in Miami this year. That’s not the buzz anymore. The buzz is that Grand Central will be hosting a Disco Biscuits side project the Sunday of Ultra … Continue reading

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